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Siana Bangura is a writer, producer, performer and community organiser hailing from South East London. Siana is the founder and former editor of Black British Feminist platform, No Fly on the WALL; she is the author of poetry collection, ‘Elephant’; and the producer of ‘1500 & Counting’. Siana works and campaigns on issues of race, class, and gender and their intersections and is currently working on projects focusing on climate change, the arms trade, and state violence and other issues of social justice. Her recent works include the short film 'Denim' and the play, 'Layila!'. In 2019, Siana was an artist in residence at the Birmingham Rep Theatre, working on her debut play. She is also a workshop facilitator, public speaking trainer, and social commentator. Her work has been featured in mainstream and alternative publications such as The Guardian, The Metro, Evening Standard, Black Ballad, Consented, Green European Journal, The Fader, and Dazed as well as collected works such as, 'Loud Black Girls', presented by Slay In Your Lane. Her past television appearances include the BBC, Channel 4, Sky TV, ITV and Jamelia's 'The Table'. Across her vast portfolio of work, Siana’s mission is to help move marginalised voices from the margins, to the centre.

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Troy James is an award-winning videographer, visual content creator, and ethical filmmaker from South London with almost 10 years of experience creating content for brands, charities, nonprofits and organisations looking to improve the world. With a first-class degree in digital media, experience gained at companies such as Hogarth international and Nylon films, and a Vintage Rambert Video Award to his name, Troy storytells with empathy and compassion.  As well as Troy's first feature-length film, '1500 & Counting', he has directed personal projects on Mental health, Feminism, being Black British (explored in the 'More Than Melanin' series) and Ethical Fashion.  Troy has worked with a variety of small business, artists and organisations including the BBC, Siana Bangura, Ruth Sutoye, Danny Darko, The Yoso Exclusive, Kitty Ferreira and the Ethical Hedonist, to name a few.

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